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28 July 2013

'The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said'

With a world so fueled by social networking sites, specifically designed to boost communication, how is it that lack of communication seems to be the number one issue to cause a problem in this world? If you think about arguments or disagreements you've had with friends or family recently, how often was it just a lack of knowledge that caused it to be much worse.

These days people seem to jump to conclusions about a certain situation without always thinking it through first because it is much easier to assume the simpler things than to talk to your friend about what is really bothering them, to cause them to act differently. Most of us also have a tendency to push people away, which at the time seems harder than having them confront you. You may feel like you're okay on your own, but deep down you just don't want to hurt your pride by asking for help or asking for your friends just to be there. When we talk these days we only seem to listen to what is said, rather than what isn't, by reading body language & facial expressions, you will know if there is more to the story.

One very important thing I learnt during exam time is that friends and family are the most important thing, to be able to be there and encourage one another really does make a difference. If you hold a glass of water for a minute it does not bother you, an hour it will start to become a burden, but if you hold it for a whole day then you will feel an unbearable pain. The glass does not get any heavier, yet your problem seems to multiply.  If a friend is there to help you to carry the glass then it will not feel as heavy and their encouragement will help you to get through. Sometimes you even have to learn to                                                           put the glass down and  just take a step back.

What I'm trying to say, is do not let holding something back ruin a friendship. Sometimes I get told that I'm too honest in what I say to people, but at the end of the day they know where they stand with me. If you have an issue with the way a friend is acting then you should have the kind of relationship where you can talk to them about it and express your concerns for them without them getting upset or feel like you do not accept them for who they are. I'm not saying that communication is going to fix everything and solve all the worlds' problems, but it is a good place to start! Communication was invented for a reason and we seem to of forgotten its use.  Talk to those you care about and make sure you are there for each other as it is great to have someone to share the good times with. The people in these pictures are my best friends and have been there for me when it really mattered, I honestly do not know what I'd do without them! Cassidy xx