26 July 2013

Popeye (Spinach and Lentil curry)

Making a spinach and green lentil curry tonight. Who doesn't remember being a kid and getting told you'd be like popeye if you ate spinach?! Anyway, blogging away as the lentils are cooking and realising I really need to get a stool to sit on in my kitchen as I'm already tired of standing!

200g green lentils
300g frozen spinach (can use fresh)
1 handful of sweetcorn
3 tbsp hot madras paste (or whatever curry paste you have)
 1 tbsp plain (soya)yogurt (to serve)
75g brown rice (per person)

The lentils and rice both take about 30 minutes to boil. 

  • Place the rice in one saucepan and the lentils in another and boil.
  •  If using frozen spinach then 5 minutes in the microwave should do it to defrost.
  •  5 minutes before the lentils finish add in the curry paste and the rest of the ingredients and simmer. 
  • You may need to drain some of the water out of the lentils before adding the curry paste. 
  • Finally, drain the rice and serve with the curry and a spoon of yogurt on top.
This is a pretty easy dish to do and packed with iron & protein and is super tasty.Rice is under lentils in the pic) Enjoy! Cassidy xx