13 June 2021

Vegan Seafood Linguine

Vegan seafood-style linguine - a creamy, garlic and white wine linguine with mixed variety mushrooms, samphire and artichoke hearts. A delicious summer dish - great for sharing with company, for a weeknight meal or a special occasion!

Made with flavours that would typically be paired with seafood like samphire, capers and parsley with briny artichokes and mixed variety mushrooms for some added texture. All tossed in a creamy garlic, mustard and white wine sauce for a vegan 'seafood' style linguine.

16 May 2021

Smashed Pea Pesto & Chipotle Mushroom Toast

Smashed pea pesto with lemon, garlic and fresh herbs layered up with sweet and spicy chipotle mushrooms on toast. A delicious recipe to give you a great start to the day, your new go-to breakfast or brunch!

Everyone loves avocado toast, but the avocados need to be perfectly ripe, which takes planning and sometimes you just want something a little different. This smashed pea pesto is the perfect alternative to avo and can be made at any time, from frozen peas! It's fresh and flavourful and you can even make it ahead of time and it won't discolour. 

9 May 2021

Harissa Roasted Baby Potatoes

Tender, roasted baby potatoes tossed in a smoky and spicy harissa dressing, with herby vegan yogurt and pomegranate seeds. A Middle-Eastern-style potato salad, if you will.

Perfect as a side dish for a BBQ, picnic or even a meze or tapas-style dinner. The cooling herby yogurt and pops of sweetness from the pomegranate seeds complement the smoky harissa potatoes so well. Serve straight away or allow to cool and enjoy later!

25 April 2021

Fennel & Blood Orange Salad

Thinly shaved fennel and blood oranges tossed in a herby and fresh vinaigrette on a bed of watercress, with roasted chickpeas, crispy garlic-black pepper croutons, capers and red chilies. The ultimate way to celebrate the end of the blood orange season and welcome the warmer weather of spring. 

I love this salad, it's so fresh and flavourful with the added chickpeas and croutons, balancing out the freshness and acidity and giving the salad some body. The roasted chickpeas, full of protein and fibre will help to keep you fuller for longer too. 

17 April 2021

Chickpea 'Tuna' Mayo

Smashed chickpeas, mayo, sweetcorn and seasonings combine, for a plant-based, tuna mayo-style sandwich filling. As a vegan it can be a little tricky to figure what to put in a sandwich, you don't always want meat or cheese substitutes and this sandwich is such an easy and delicious lunch solution.

Now, I'm not saying this replicates tuna mayo exactly, but it has similar textures, seaweed flakes and capers for that umami, salty flavour and all the fixings of tuna mayo, like corn and spring onion. Dress it up any way you like, pop it in a toastie with vegan cheese, add some kimchi or jalapenos or even pickles if that's your thing - it's your sandwich, so go wild!