10 June 2018

Harissa Mushroom Bowl & Turmeric Aioli

I've been checking out a lot of the vegan food scene in London since I moved here just over 4 months ago and I'm sure I'm not even 2% of the way through trying all the incredible vegan options London has to offer. One place I've eaten at a couple of times is Ethos, a pay-by-weight veggie buffet with tons of vegan options from salads & curries to BBQ seitan ribs and the most delicious garlic and lemon turmeric aioli.

Feeling inspired by the spread at Ethos, I made these harissa mushroom veggie bowls, with a herby quinoa base, topped with my version of the garlic turmeric aioli. These bowls serve 4 as a main meal, but are also perfect as a side for a BBQ, the vibrant veggies - with a bit of a spicy kick, rich glazed mushrooms and vibrant, sunny aioli just scream summer. 

27 May 2018

Thai Chickpea Burgers with Peanut Sauce

When the sun is shining and it feels like summer, you want to eat something fresh, vibrant and packed full of flavour, like this incredible burger. A Thai spiced chickpea and sweetcorn patty with creamy peanut sauce, topped with gherkins and pickled slaw, served on a crisp, toasted bun, it's a party in your mouth, with sweet, spicy & tangy flavours all perfectly complementing one another, with a delightful combo of crunchy, creamy and chewy textures. This is not your average veggie burger.

You might think that the combo of peanut butter sauce and pickles sounds a bit strange, but the tangy, acidic notes of the pickles perfectly cut through that rich, creamy peanut-coconut sauce. Trust me, this combo is an absolute winner and I would happily be served something this exciting in a restaurant (or this actual burger). I used crunchy peanut butter for my sauce, I love the added texture, but of course you can use your favourite - are you a crunchy or smooth peanut butter kinda person? Let me know in the comments below!

5 May 2018

Garlic & Lemon Tagliatelle

Pasta has always been one of my favourites, there are so many different kinds, all perfect for various sauces. This next dish is one I found myself making often, cooking everything up in my cast iron and swirling through the cooked tagliatelle, so the silky sauce coated each al dente strand of pasta.

Flavoured with the incredible aromatics of garlic, lemon, chili and fresh herbs and given an extra umami punch from dried porcini mushrooms and a shaving of vegan parmesan, this pasta dish is the perfect spring meal. Making the most of the beautiful spring asparagus, Tenderstem broccoli, peas and baby leeks, this incredible dish can be pulled together in under 15 minutes and is best enjoyed in the sunshine (isn't everything?!).

15 April 2018

Garlic & Herb Hasselback Potatoes

I spent yesterday with my mum in London; we wandered around Chelsea for a good part of the day before heading to explore Harrods and then for a bite to eat at Tibits for dinner (which was super delish!). Much to my delight, a food market was on in Chelsea and with a fair few vegan options - we tried an iced tea with agave, lime and cloves, a slice of the most incredible chocolate mojito cake and plenty of olives, we also picked up these gorgeous purple potatoes and something slightly unusual that caught my eye...elephant garlic.

Had I known that the elephant garlic would be rather pungent and even after putting it inside another bag that we'd still be able to smell the garlicky aroma whilst wandering through Harrods, perhaps I would've thought twice about purchasing it. But it made for an amusing time and I will definitely remember the day I was armed to ward off a whole family of vampires whilst wandering around London, for years to come.

8 April 2018

Sweet and Sour Tofu

I spent last weekend at my Parent's house for Easter and when it came to dinner time, I was thinking about how to spruce up my mum's plan for a stir fry dinner. Don't get me wrong, stir-fries can be great, but it was the beginning of a bank holiday weekend and I really fancied something a little more indulgent. We'd already picked up some vegan wontons and enoki mushrooms in town for the planned stir fry and when it came to cooking, I thought I'd have a go at making another dish, turning it into a little Friday night Chinese fake-away.

You can thank the pineapple sitting on my parent's window sill for inspiring this dish...crispy tofu meets tender broccoli, with juicy chunks of pineapple and toasted cashews & sesame seeds, all coated in the easiest, most incredible tasting sweet and sour sauce!