16 September 2018

Spiced Aubergine Flatbread

Fluffy homemade flatbreads topped with tangy tahini yogurt dressing, melt in your mouth spiced aubergine, crispy roasted chickpeas and sweet pomegranate seeds. Perfect to share with company, serve with a side salad or make a meze board by serving up with some hummus, dolma, olives and falafel.

Feeling inspired by a recent meal from Ela kebabs, with their delicious tempeh pitas and incredible crispy chickpeas as well as bread week from the Great British Bake Off, it just seemed right to make some flatbreads this weekend. They're super easy, with barely any kneading or proof time required, just 2 main ingredients and they're cooked in the oven in under 10 minutes. It's pretty magical to watch them puff up inside and get all fluffy and steamy, and whilst I've topped the flatbreads in this recipe, you can even stuff them like pitta bread. The flatbreads will emerge from the oven all steamy, with a chewy, fluffy inside and a golden, crisp outside - made with self-raising flour and soy yogurt, meaning these breads are actually pretty protein rich, helping to fuel you for the day and keeping you fuller for longer.

9 September 2018

Creamy Buckwheat & Roasted Romanesco

This recipe is a perfect reflection of the seasons right now...with the yellow squash still holding out in those last warm days of summer and the romanesco just beginning its season...to ease you into autumn, whilst allowing you to still feel like you're soaking up the rays of summer.

The nuttiness of the romanesco perfectly complements the nutty, al dente buckwheat, coated in a creamy sauce, with subtly smoky flavours of smoked garlic, lemon and herbs, and a hint of pepper. It's comforting enough to be autumn food, but still super light and summery.

27 August 2018

Vegan Chicken & Mushroom Pot Pie

The humble chicken and mushroom pie, a chip shop classic and my childhood favourite meal by a mile. This is an even better version (vegan of course) and packed with tons of mushrooms, a creamy, savoury sauce, vegan chicken pieces and peas and sweetcorn for a pop of sweetness, all topped with that perfectly golden and flaky crust. 

I'm home for the bank holiday weekend, spending some quality time with my parents and the dogs (if you follow me on insta you will have seen the dogs in some stories). Yesterday it was pouring down  with rain and it was a comfort food day, so this pie was a must-have, all creamy and flavourful with that perfectly golden crispy crust. I used fresh herbs from my mum's herb garden...cutting them in the pouring rain, even picking the fresh bay leaves off the tree and I'm sure it made it taste even better!

11 August 2018

Best Ever Hummus

Having been vegan for 4 years now and veggie for 8 before that, I'm no stranger to hummus, I've eaten a lot of hummus over the years and that's why I don't use the term best ever hummus lightly. This hummus is smooth as can be, flavourful, topped with smoky paprika and pine nuts and the perfect medium for whatever you want to serve it up with...pita bread, pita chips, falafel, olives, grilled veg or even some veggie sticks. You only need a handful of ingredients for this recipe and the end result is incredible!

There are a few store-bought premium brands of hummus that I love, but they also come with a premium price, this recipe is so much cheaper, even more delicious and produces 4-5x as much hummus. It's great for a party or BBQ, I made some recently and it got eaten up so quickly, by vegans and non-vegans alike, with so many comments about how delicious and smooth it was, so grab that blender or food processor and get going - every vegan needs a staple hummus recipe! 

22 July 2018

Spaghetti Aglio, Olio, Peperoncino e Noci

Spaghetti Aglio, Olio, Peperoncino e Noci - Spaghetti with garlic, olive oil, chili and walnuts. This was my favourite meal in Italy, eaten on the island of Capri on my birthday a few weeks back. It's almost like garlic bread in pasta form, with mild hits of chili flakes and black pepper, perfectly al dente spaghetti and added texture from the walnut nibs. 

Before I visited Italy this time around I thought I didn't like spaghetti...I love pappardelle, linguini, fusilli and just about every other pasta, yet I never enjoyed spaghetti quite as much. Every pasta shape suits a different sauce perfectly and it turns out that spaghetti is the perfect vehicle for this glorious garlic and olive oil based sauce...the mellow, almost buttery garlic flavours coating each strand evenly, so each bite is just as garlicky and delicious as the last.