30 April 2022

Sticky BBQ Mushroom Donburi

Sticky gochujang BBQ mushrooms with rice, mixed slaw, edamame and homemade vegan kimchi, combine to make this delicious Asian-fusion rice bowl.

A deliciously nourishing bowl, full of flavour and texture. Simply fry off the mushrooms and toss in the deliciously sticky gochujang BBQ sauce, thinly shred the veg and toss together to make a fresh slaw. Serve up with sesame edamame, fresh rice and vegan kimchi.

18 April 2022

Spicy Peanut Tempeh Noodles

A delicious spicy peanut sauce tossed through hand-cut-style noodles with tempeh & veggies, drizzled with chili oil. They're savoury & spicy, nutty, a little sweet and smoky and with a burst of freshness from the ginger.

The lovely people over at Club Cultured sent me some of their tempeh to cook with, I've known them for a few years now and their tempeh is some of the best. Tempeh is a fermented product made from whole soy beans - it's a great source of nutrients and is slightly sour in flavour as well as nutty and a little creamy too. It has a chewy texture and works wonderfully in this dish.

10 April 2022

Savoury Za'atar Oats

This next dish has become a breakfast staple for me recently and if you've never had savoury oats before, I would really encourage you to try this recipe. Creamy savoury oats made with veg stock, spinach and a dash of nutritional yeast, topped with vegan yogurt or crème fraiche, fresh tomatoes and za'atar - a wonderful Middle Eastern seasoning made from sumac, sesame seeds and herbs.

Savoury oats, oatmeal or porridge may seem a little strange at first, but with the exception of the UK, most cultures around the world have a traditional savoury porridge dish that's enjoyed for breakfast, made from anything from oats, rye and buckwheat in Nordic and Central European countries to rice, beans and other grains in Eastern Asian and African countries. I'm much more of a savoury person than sweet and find that I'm often left hungry after sweet oats, but this keeps me full all morning. It's super quick to pull together and feels like a real treat in the morning to take the time to enjoy a delicious and nourishing breakfast, setting good intentions for the day ahead. It could also be enjoyed a little later as a brunch if savoury first thing in the morning isn't for you.

20 March 2022

Beetroot Hummus & Spiced Potatoes

Vibrant and silky smooth beetroot hummus with spiced roasted potatoes - a delicious dish perfect for serving with other meze like this roasted aubergine & chickpeas, herby asparagus with toasted hazelnuts, Greek-style beanshomemade flatbreads or sumac salad.

Spring has well and truly sprung in the last week in the UK - the weather's warming up and we've had days of beautiful blue skies and sunshine. I love this time of year, everything is shifting and there's just a beautiful sense of change in the air, bringing hope of what's to come. I also find this is the time I want to eat fresher and more vibrant foods, starting to transition from the hearty meals that kept you warm through winter.

13 March 2022

Vegan Kimchi

Homemade vegan kimchi - Korean-style spicy fermented cabbage and veg, perfect for sandwiches, rice bowls, dips and bao. Simply prep your veg, soak overnight, coat in your marinade, pack it into a jar and let it ferment for 2-3 weeks. 

Kimchi is a classic Korean spicy cabbage ferment - it isn't typically vegan due to the addition of shrimp paste or fish sauce - whilst vegan versions are available to buy, making it yourself is surprisingly easy,  tastier and much cheaper too. The primary ingredient is traditionally Chinese or Napa cabbage, which is marinated and fermented whole, but the beauty of making your own kimchi is you can use your pick of veg and make it to your own tastes - I used a savoy cabbage for this recipe which was homegrown and chopped the veg pre-ferment which I find makes it easier to enjoy straight out the jar post-fermentation.