24 May 2020

Broccoli & Chickpea Fritters

This next recipe is always a huge hit with my family, cooked initially for a weeknight dinner and so good I just had to share the recipe with you all. Crisp fritters made from crushed chickpeas, broccoli, rice and chickpea flour with plenty of herbs too, served up with a creamy cashew and parsley dip.

Here I've pan-fried the fritters in just a splash of oil, but they also bake well in the oven and they're great for freezing too. You can serve these up as a snack or starter with the dip or even use as patties for a veggie burger. Find out how to make them below, with the full recipe and a video too! 

22 May 2020

Easy Vegan Coconut Miso Ramen

Whilst some ramen dishes are simmered for hours, this is my quick and easy vegan ramen. A rich  and creamy coconut miso broth with chewy noodles and fresh veg, all coming together in under 30 minutes. 

It's creamy, savoury, a little spicy and brightened with freshness of the veg. The type of dish when you want something nourishing and delicious, but don't want to spend hours cooking.

17 May 2020

Chocolate Walnut Banana Bread

Chocolate walnut banana bread - moist, a little fudgy and yet still incredibly light! It seems like everyone is making banana bread during this time and it only felt right to join in. I already have a banana bread recipe on here, so wanted to try something new for you all. This recipe is truly incredible and since I made the first loaf, my family has been not so subtly hinting at me to make some more - once the bananas ripen!

The crumb on this cake is just incredible, fluffy, light and a little gooey all at the same time, with pockets of banana, dark chocolate and crunchy walnuts. It tastes truly indulgent and super rich, if you hadn't made it yourself, you wouldn't believe that it's actually much healthier than most cakes!

15 May 2020

Spicy Lemongrass Tofu Lettuce Wraps

Spicy lemongrass tofu with quick-pickled carrots and cucumber on a bed of seasoned noodles in crisp lettuce wraps. 

I first had lemongrass tofu in a Vietnamese restaurant in London, it's fragrant, spicy, a little sweet and complements the blank canvas of tofu perfectly! Paired with the tangy veg and savoury noodles, these wraps are a fantastic lunch or lighter dinner.

9 May 2020

Vegan Peanut Butter Cups

Creamy peanut butter filling coated in crisp dark chocolate, a little sweet and rich with a pinch of sea salt. A classic treat, easily made at home!

Peanut butter cups were practically a staple in my diet as a teenager before I went vegan and despite vegan options being available now they're always pretty expensive, so I thought it was about time to make my own! My one wish about them was that they contained crunchy peanut butter, so that's what I used here - I also increased the peanut butter to chocolate ratio, making them double stuff, because more peanut butter is always a good thing!