21 February 2021

Satay Aubergine

Silky, roasted aubergine in a creamy satay sauce, served with rice, cucumber and a fresh squeeze of lime. This recipe couldn't be easier to make but the end result is an incredibly moreish dish that's sure to impress!

Simply chop the aubergine into wedges, toss in a garlic and chili marinade and roast until charred on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth silky, then toss in a creamy, rich satay sauce. Fresh herbs, cucumber and lime cut through the richness of the sauce, for a wonderfully fresh and bright dish. 

31 January 2021

Almond Parm

Vegan almond parm - it's tangy and cheesy, salty, a little nutty and adds such a wonderful finish to any pasta dish! Sprinkle on just before serving or add before baking for an extra crispy, cheesy crumb to your favourite pasta bake!

This recipe really couldn't be any simpler to make and it keeps in the fridge for a few weeks, so is ready to sprinkle on your favourite meals anytime! Simply blitz up toasted flaked almonds with a few seasonings and you're ready to go! 

24 January 2021

Spicy Vegan Pho

A fragrant vegan spicy Pho-style broth with rice noodles. Phở (pronounced fuh), is a Vietnamese noodle soup - traditionally not plant-based and simmered for hours to create a depth of flavour. This is my take on a vegan version - a fresh and spicy broth, almost a cross between Pho and Thai Tom Yum - a hot and sour soup.

With plenty of fresh aromatics and umami-packed ingredients like miso, seaweed and dried mushrooms, this broth is ready in under 30 mins, with all the flavour you're expecting from a slow-simmered broth. You can also make this as spicy or as mild as you'd like - use medium chilies with the seeds removed for a milder broth, or use birds eye chilies with the seeds and drizzle with some chili oil for an extra hit of heat. 

9 January 2021

Tofu Katsu Curry

Crisp and golden panko-crusted tofu in a creamy and fragrant katsu curry sauce. Check out my latest video below to show you how to make this delicious recipe!

The sauce has those classic katsu flavours of mild curry with fresh ginger and aniseed notes - you roast the veg to char a little before blending it, for extra depth of flavour. The tofu is lightly seasoned, chewy in the middle and a crisp crust from the panko - baked, not fried so it's a little healthier than a classic katsu too - perfect served up with the creamy curry sauce and fluffy rice. 

6 January 2021

Vegan Sesame Mushroom Savoury Oats

When I visited Copenhagen a couple of years back I was told about a place selling savoury oats, which really intrigued me -  I didn't actually get to try them whilst I was there, but the thought did stick with me enough to try them out for myself shortly after that trip. I don't usually have sweet porridge, or oatmeal for breakfast as I find I like to add far too much maple syrup to it and then am hungry a little while later, but I actually prefer savoury oats to sweet and they keep me full for hours! 

This next recipe is a cross between those Nordic-inspired savoury oats and Congee, a savoury Chinese rice porridge. Asian-inspired savoury oats with chestnut mushrooms, wakame seaweed and miso, served with vegan creme fraiche and kimchi, with a drizzle of sesame oil. These are pretty full-flavoured, so could also be served a little later in the day as a brunch or lunch dish.