22 January 2023

Roasted Garlic, White Wine & Chickpea Soup

Make this roasted garlic, white wine and lemony broth with chickpeas and cavlo nero, topped with homemade pesto and chipotle sourdough croutons. 

This soup couldn't be easier to make, level up some veg stock with roasted garlic, white wine, lemon and herbs for a fresh and light, but deeply flavourful broth, perfect for those colder days. Full of flavour, with a zesty herby lift from the pesto and a hint of sweet, smoky flavour from the crunchy croutons. 

14 January 2023

Bang Bang Broccoli (air fryer or oven)

Crispy, spiced panko-crusted bang bang broccoli, drizzled with sriracha, served with a creamy 5-spice peanut satay sauce for dipping. Made in the air fryer for the ultimate crunch! But if you don't have an air fryer, there are also oven instructions below. 

Simply coat your broccoli in a 5-spice-seasoned chickpea flour batter, coat in panko, spray with a little oil and air fry for 12 minutes for a perfectly golden finish. 

7 January 2023

Ultimate Scrambled Tofu on Toast

The ultimate vegan brunch, crispy sourdough toast topped with avocado green goddess dressing, soft scrambled tofu, smoky mushroom pancetta, quick-pickled onions and crumbly vegan feta.

Inspired by a dish I ate recently in Stockholm, in a cute café called Mahalo and one too good not to share. Serve up with your favourite hot drink or juice for the ultimate brunch!

1 January 2023

Vegan Gyros Bowl

Happy new year and happy Veganuary!

Make this Greek-inspired bowl with vegan gyros strips (I used Oumph), crispy air-fried garlicky sweet potato fries, fresh veggies and vegan feta, all brought together with some gorgeously creamy and fresh tzatziki.

One of my favourite things about 2022 - and something I hope to do even more of in 2023 - were the trips I got to take. My visit to Crete was a solo trip and one of the best holidays I've been on. Besides the obvious beautiful sights and incredible food, something that made this trip so special were the people I connected with along the way, from a coincidentally private walking tour and beer with a local, to a wine tasting, surfing and paddle boarding, to trips up the mountain to hidden gem spots and dinners with new friends. Travelling solo I felt like I took more time to experience the true magic of the place, that only comes through connecting with new people. The same sentiment can often be true for everyday life, where we're so busy rushing onto the next destination, we forget to connect with those around us - to share a meal, a coffee, a conversation or even just a smile as we walk down the street, and we can forget how important these little things can be to both our own and everyone else's wellbeing.

29 December 2022

Vegan in Stockholm | Sweden

Something my mum has always taught me is to prioritise experiences over physical presents, creating memories that last a lifetime and spending time with those who matter. Because when you look back, you might not remember what you got, but you will remember going out for that meal or visiting that place and who you did it with. So in the true spirit of experiences, I thought my mum deserved just that for her birthday this year and I took her to Stockholm for a long weekend. 

We spent our time exploring the city, doing Christmassy things, taking pictures, enjoying plenty of vegan eats and each other's company. My mum is also vegan and Stockholm was pretty vegan-friendly place, from entirely vegan restaurants to labelled offerings in the Christmas markets, we were never too far from something delicious to eat and got to experience some traditional Swedish eats too.