15 December 2019

Mushroom Tempeh Nut Roast

I like to switch up my Christmas main from year to year, we've had nut roasts, pies, parcels and tarts and this year I thought it was about time to get back to a classic nut roast. 

Loaded up with mushrooms, tempeh, chestnuts and mixed nuts, it's chewy, crunchy, full of protein and super savoury too; made to compliment the other parts of your Christmas dinner, like the festive greens, whiskey glazed veg, cauli cheese and crispy roast potatoes. This roast could also be made gluten-free, by ensuring you use gluten-free yeast extract, tamari instead of soy sauce and certified gluten-free oats.

8 December 2019

Festive Greens & Tempeh Bacon

Greens are my absolute favourite type of veg, so in my opinion, definitely deserve a place in Christmas dinner. These greens are sauteed - to save precious oven space - and coated in a mix of miso, smoked garlic, fresh herbs and a little festive orange zest. They're served with smoky tempeh pieces and a pop of tart sweetness from the dried cranberries. 

The greens here are Tenderstem broccoli, green beans and of course, Brussel sprouts. It wouldn't be Christmas without sprouts and whether you roast them, shred them or pan fry them, they're an integral part of christmas - as long as you flavour them up and don't boil them, I can guarantee they're going to be delicious! 

1 December 2019

Chai Latte Mix (Christmas Gift)

I'm a huge fan of homemade gifts, something useful (or edible) makes the best Christmas present - it's super thoughtful and means you're not just buying something for the sake of needing a gift to give. This chai latte mix is super easy to make and would make the perfect present for a friend, family member or even as a secret Santa gift.  

Nothing beats a homemade chai latte; one that tastes of real, warming spices rather than just spiced syrup. This mix is loaded up with delicious spices like cinnamon, cardamom and cloves to name a few, as well as rooibos tea and vanilla. It also only has a little sugar (from the candied ginger), so you or your recipient can choose to drink it however they like. I'm a fan of using sweetened almond or oat milk to make chai lattes and find that's plenty sweet for me.

24 November 2019

Laverbread Cakes & Mushroom Sauce

Welsh laverbread cakes - oat and seaweed cakes served with a creamy mushroom garlic sauce and vegan bacon. Funnily enough, I actually first had this Welsh dish in Edinburgh, Scotland last year, it was absolutely incredible and I just had to recreate it. Serve it up for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, whatever time of day, you're guaranteed to love it!

With the simplicity of the ingredients in this meal, it's incredible how delicious it really tastes. The savoury oat cakes are lightly fried and crisp on the outside, coming together with the creamy,  garlicky, mushroomy sauce and smokiness of the vegan bacon.

3 November 2019

Vegan No-Bake Chocolate Tart

For when you need that bit of indulgence, this no-bake chocolate tart is your new go-to! With a chewy biscuity base of oats and dates, with a silky, dark chocolate filling, topped with a pinch of sea salt flakes for that final touch.

Whilst dessert is never going to be completely healthy, my recipes are typically about healthier options; the opportunity to add some nutrients into something that is usually considered just empty calories. This tart is made from lots of whole food ingredients, meaning there's some fibre, protein and just a few other good things snuck in there too!