7 December 2018

Vegan in Edinburgh

I've just returned from a 4 day trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. Despite having already visited 21 countries, I'd never gotten up to Scotland, so with insanely cheap flights and some holiday days to use up, I flew out to Edinburgh on Monday. This was my first solo trip, filled with plenty of walking, exploring, photography and most importantly - good food!

Edinburgh has a unique balance of gothic buildings, cobblestone streets, modern city life and nature, it really has it all (including a lot of hills) and being on the smaller side it's pretty walkable, meaning you get a good feel for all the elements. There seems to be a gentle hum of bagpipes wherever you go in the city, just reminding you where you are; Edinburgh is a place full of heritage and history and it's something you're completely immersed in during your visit. So put your walking boots on, wrap up warm (if it's winter) and get exploring! 

26 November 2018

Lemon & Black Pepper Oyster Mushrooms

Crispy, crunchy oyster mushrooms, baked to perfection with lemon & black pepper - serve up with a creamy cashew dip, or fold into a delicious wrap. With Christmas coming up, these are a great starter, table snack, even a wrap or sandwich filling, packed with flavour and such an addicting crunch!

Mushrooms are my absolute favourite and oyster mushrooms top that list - with the perfect chewy texture and savoury flavour they're such a great meat substitute. These are breaded with fresh lemon and herb crumbs and baked until super crunchy and fragrant. Because they're baked they're also so much healthier than the typical deep fried crunchy snack - boasting a healthy hit of antioxidants, B vitamins and even omega 3 from the flaxseeds, not to mention the nutrient-packed creamy cashew dip!

10 November 2018

King Oyster Mushroom Bun Chay

Vietnamese noodle salad with sticky glazed king oyster mushrooms, quick-pickled cucumber, carrots, bean sprouts, roasted peanuts & crispy onions, served with a tangy lemongrass dressing. 

Inspired by the dish Bun Thit Nuong...a Vietnamese noodle salad, typically made with shredded pork, herbs and greens on rice vermicelli noodles, served at room temperature. This is my vegan version - with the word chay meaning vegetarian - made with strips of glazed king oyster mushrooms and a tangy lemongrass dressing, instead of the usual Nuoc Cham - a sweet, salty, sour dressing which is heavy on the fish sauce.

4 November 2018

Garlic and Herb Polenta Chips

Everyone loves chips, as a snack, with a burger - potato, sweet potato, even root veg and avocado fries are becoming popular...these chips are made with polenta, or cornmeal. Whisked up with plenty of garlic and herbs, cut in chips and baked, served up with a creamy basil dipping sauce. 

Since I moved to London earlier in the year I've found my love for street food has grown and I've been craving it more at home - smaller bites of food, a variety of sides combined into a meal, more unusual ingredients and fusion flavour combos. Everyone can let their imagination shine through into the food and it's ensuring that food is something to be celebrated and enjoyed with friends and family. These chips can be enjoyed over a catch up with old friends, served during a cosy movie night, an accompaniment to a dinner party, however you choose to serve them, they'll be sure to go down a treat!

14 October 2018

Orange Ginger Tofu Noodles

Everyone loves noodles, they're quick, easy and super delicious, equally as great on a weeknight as a weekend. The key thing to a great noodle dish is the sauce, it's got to be packed with flavour, coating your mouth in every, delicious bite!

These orange noodles are made with a base of orange marmalade, with plenty of ginger, garlic and soy sauce, with a burst of miso, 5 spice and chili flakes...its sticky, flavourful and exactly what you need. Don't worry if you think you don't like marmalade, this savoury sauce completely transforms it into something else!