26 September 2021

Vegan Apple Cheesecake Breakfast Jars

Breakfast oat jars in the style of apple cheesecake - a biscuity oat base, topped with thick vanilla yogurt and stewed cinnamon apples. These cheesecake jars perfectly celebrate autumn produce, with a delicious on-the-go breakfast or sweet snack that's packed with nutrients!

I picked these apples from the community orchard near my house - the apples were a little tart so I stewed them down with some dates, mixed spices and cinnamon. The base is made from toasted oats, nuts and seeds, blended together with dates for some sweetness - the base is a perfect mix of crisp and chewy. The filling is a mix of thick dairy-free greek-style yogurt with a little vanilla extract. You really can't go wrong with these jars and there are even some stewed apples spare for another recipe or to pop in the freezer for another day!

22 September 2021

Turmeric Spiced Chickpea Naan

Turmeric spiced chickpeas, herby garlic yogurt and fresh veg with tamarind chutney, topping a fluffy naan bread. A balance of spiced, sweet, tangy and fresh flavours - a delicious lunch or light dinner, with an Indian influence.

The chickpeas are panfried to crisp them up, before being coated in spices and the yogurt is mixed with garlic, coriander, mint and a pinch of salt; a refreshing contrast to the spiced chickpeas and sweet and tangy tamarind chutney. The chickpeas add a great source of protein and fibre to the dish, whilst the veggies and herbs add a boost of vitamin C!

18 September 2021

Pumpkin & Sage Pappardelle

Pumpkin and sage pappardelle with truffled mushrooms - a creamy and silky garlic, white wine and pumpkin sauce tossed through thick ribbons of pappardelle with white beans and fresh sage, topped with herby mixed mushrooms tossed in truffle oil. The perfect way to welcome Autumn to your table.

I love when the seasons are changing, there's a fresh optimism in the air, a wonder of what comes next - things are changing all around us, reminding us that nothing ever stays exactly the same and to embrace that change. I'm always in awe of the beautiful colours that autumn brings, from the leaves turning and floating down off the trees, to the incredible produce that takes centre stage in Autumn that is celebrated and enjoyed.

15 September 2021

Spicy Tempeh & Peanut Butter Sandwich

This next sandwich features grilled chili miso tempeh with crunchy peanut butter and tangy kimchi, on toasted sourdough. Bear with me because it might sound a little strange, but think about the flavours of satay, more than the PB & J you grew up with and you'll soon realise this is a combo you just have to try!

Growing up I have fond memories of my mum trying to convince me that peanut butter and mayo sandwiches should be a thing - I always turned my nose up at her creation, but it's funny how things come full circle because this sandwich contains both of those ingredients and it really works. The salty, nutty and spicy grilled tempeh, is perfectly complemented by the creamy, crunchy peanut butter, spicy, tangy kimchi and tied together with the cooling mayo, all sandwiched between crunchy toasted sourdough for a contrasting texture. 

12 September 2021

Soy-Glazed Runner Beans with Cashews

Soy glazed runner beans with cashews - slightly charred and tossed in a sweet and salty soy sauce glaze, with garlic and ginger. Incredibly delicious and a fantastic way to use the last of the season's runner beans - serve up as a side dish or with some fluffy rice.

There's just something so incredible and humbling about homegrown produce, not only is it even fresher and full of flavour, but it just seems so much more rewarding to cook with and enjoy a meal that you or a loved one have spent the time growing the ingredients for.