18 August 2019

Ultimate Charred Garlic Greens

Using the word ultimate isn't a small claim, but it's one that's completely substantiated for this next recipe - crispy charred garlic and lemon broccoli and kale, perfectly seasoned and oh so moreish, topped with sweet and salty caramelised almonds.

These are the type of greens that you just can't stop eating, the recipe gives 4, pretty generously sized portions as a side to a main, but I still stand by it being 4 portions; you'll want seconds and even thirds of these delicious greens.

3 August 2019

Moroccan Roasted Veg & Lemon Couscous

What better to eat on a summer day than spiced Morrocan veg with preserved lemon couscous and a cucumber yogurt dip? Great for a working lunch, dinner and for a picnic too and all ready in just 30 minutes. Suitable as a whole meal, but you could also add some roasted chickpeas, lentils or even falafel for an extra boost of protein. 

The veggies are cut up, tossed in a little olive oil and ras el hanout and roasted until tender and juicy. Ras el hanout is a fragrant Moroccan spice blend, it's a little sweet, spicy and peppery too, with the lovely addition of rose petals for some floral notes. The preserved lemons release a wonderful fragrance and seasoning to the couscous, brightened up with a little fresh lemon juice and herbs too.

6 July 2019

Kale Caesar Salad

A twist on the classic Caesar; a kale Caesar salad with chickpea croutons, tempeh bacon and a deliciously creamy hemp seed dressing. It's full of the delicious flavours and textures you know and love, but with a healthier twist! 

I roasted the kale with some lemon and olive oil, letting it crisp up just a little then tossed it in this creamy Caesar dressing with a few key ingredients for that authentic umami and parm flavour hit you'd expect, with just the right amount of tang too. The chickpeas are roasted with a little garlic seasoning for that crispy garlic crouton flavour and the tempeh is a little smoky and sweet and slightly crisp from the char of the oven. 

30 June 2019

Blueberry Pie Smoothie

This smoothie is my go-to breakfast at the moment, it's packed full of all the right nutrients to fuel you through the morning. This blueberry pie smoothie has blueberries, a banana, soy yogurt, flaxseed, almonds and cinnamon, it tastes like dessert, but is super healthy.

Whilst I'm a complete savoury person usually, I always find that I need a hit of something sweet in the morning to boost my blood sugar. By adding a mix of protein and healthy fats, it also ensures the sugars have more of a steady release, helping to keep you full throughout the morning! 

23 June 2019

Spiced Veggie Fritters & Mango Salsa

Crispy veggie fritters spiced with plenty of ginger, cumin and paprika just to name a few, served up with a sweet mango salsa.

Simply grate some sweet potato, carrot and cauli, caramelise an onion and cook off the spices, then add in the veggies and bind with chickpea flour before lightly frying in a splash of oil.