19 August 2013


Many of you when you think about exercise may see it as a chore, a burden on your life, something that you're told to do 30 minutes of a day and because of this find it hard to get motivated. When you look at things differently then the situation becomes completely different. I don't always look at exercising as something to do to keep me fit, or to compete in but rather as a outlet of my stress or as motivation to do something. There's nothing better than that feeling of satisfaction when you've worked so hard and you know it. 

First of all you have to find an activity that you enjoy, whether that be swimming, cycling, yoga, walking the dog or simply just an activity on the Wii, there will be something that you love to do and you should do it. You could even get together with your friends and chose an activity you all enjoy. Although my main love of sport is

swimming, land work is important too; and the best way to do gym work or running is with music and I mean loud music. Putting your headphones in and escaping from the world while you work out makes you more determined to continue and also time goes a lot faster.

Oh and this is my dog, Zinki :)
You may think that you don't have time with a busy schedule to exercise but you most likely do, you'd just rather be sitting on the sofa eating chocolate instead! Some people feel they do not need exercise, but without it I cannot focus, it helps me to think right and clear my head. It may seem tough at first if you are not used to it which is why you always need to start off slowly, building intensity up and make sure you stretch after or you will hurt the next day! You cannot have a healthy mind without a healthy body, all aspects are important in life. Cassidy xx