25 September 2014

Vegan at University & Happy 100th Post!

Mad Cucumber's Vegan Enchilada
First of all, happy 100th post! I've been blogging for just over a year now and this is my 100th post, which to me is quite an achievement! I've had so many supportive comments and lots of praise about my blog, so if you guys want to make sure you never miss a post then click the 'join this site' button on the right and you'll be the first to see my updates!

I've been at university almost two weeks now, I've unpacked, enrolled, met lots of great new people and also partied a lot (It is fresher's after all!). I've also discovered this great vegan cafe which do the best carrot cake and enchiladas (& lots of other yummy things), I've been there 4 times already and brought new people each time, which I'm sure the owners really appreciate! I haven't met any other vegans yet but everyone I've brought  to Mad Cucumber absolutely love the vegan food; the people on my course are such great people and its so interesting hearing about how others chose to do a nutrition course with many of the reasons being similar to myself. Mad cucumber consists of up cycled decor, friendly staff, amazing healthy food and really good vibes, there's even games and books provided so you feel really welcome (dogs included - my dog loved it and sat on the chair as we ate). If you're ever in Bournemouth Mad Cucumber is a must visit place for lunch or dinner during the week or for brunch at weekends, I have a feeling that I will be going there a lot!
Smoothie and Vegan Carrot Cake

Zinki at Mad Cucumber
Something I have experienced already is living on a small budget as I've been here almost 2 weeks and have only just received my loan, one thing I will recommend is do not be afraid of reduced food, many shops have to legally dispose of food when it reaches its best before date (never eat food after a use by date) but the food itself is fine for a few more days in the fridge or to freeze. The best thing to buy when reduced is bananas to freeze, supermarkets seem to think that ripe bananas are overripe and cannot be sold at regular price but in fact they're usually perfect at that stage, recently I got 25 bananas for 46p in Morrison's and I got day old bananas in the co-op for 22p a bunch because they needed to make room for their delivery. I simply cut the fruit up and froze it in portions for smoothies, easily saving a few pounds each time. There is a 24 hour co-op near my house here and late at night the amount of reduced food there is unbelievable, however as so many students use the shop this usually is sold which significantly reduces waste. Another way to save money is to plan what you're going to eat and just buy enough food for each meal, if you buy something because you like it but have nothing to eat it with then it will most likely go off before you get a chance. Also, take a certain amount of cash with you to go shopping and do not go over, this will ensure that you do not break your budget and will also get you to question if you really need something or just want it, if you keep going over your weekly allowance that you've allocated then you won't have any money for food by the end of the semester!

I will continue to update this blog with new recipes that I'm trying out and also with my experience as a university but most importantly - nutrition student. I'm hopefully going to join up to some clubs and society's so I will also talk about that and I have a feeling I'll also be spending a great deal of time on the beach! I'm feeling so optimistic about the next three years and I can't wait for this next journey to officially begin on Monday, I've picked something I'm deeply passionate about and I just know its going to be an incredible experience! Until next time, Cassidy xx
Bournemouth Beach