11 July 2016

Vegan in Budapest - Day 3

I woke up this morning, at 5.38, sun shining through the windows of my new (and very first) apartment and I couldn't have been more excited to be awake! So, even though it was about 3 hours until I'd usually wake up, I thought I'd make use of the time! Since getting back from Budapest I have been busy with a few bits for uni and mostly packing, to then unpack it all again yesterday, which was thankfully pretty enjoyable - finding a new home for everything. And most importantly, I now have my own kitchen to cook and blog in!

I've still got a few more days of Budapest to share with you all - so here's day 3!

Day 3

On the third day of our holiday an old friend of my mums showed us around for the day. We started off by meeting her at a little vegan restaurant on the Buda side for fresh juice and a snack before we headed off on the train to the little town of Szentendre with her an her little boy.

The town of Szentendre is stunning, it's quite old fashioned with its cobbled streets, but the buildings are painted the most wonderful colours; bright yellows and pinks, which with the sun shining on, makes this town feel like something really amazing.

We wandered around, looking at all the buildings and a few of the shops, catching up with our friend Eszter and chatting about what she had been up to since we'd seen her last. The weather was beautiful, hot but not scorching and the whole day had this wonderful feel to it; catching up with someone we hadn't seen in a while, being shown around somewhere new and simply being on holiday made it a really wonderful day!

We stopped for lunch at an Italian place, my mum and I ordered a cheese-less pizza to share and smothered in in garlic oil and fresh basil from the centre of the table, which made it even more delicious! We then wandered back and came across a piece of cobbled path, where every stone was a different colour; it was too pretty not to share, and really captured the essence of the town, along with this old, beautifully decorative door!

We explored a little more, before heading back on the train and then the metro to our apartment for a little rest before dinner. 

We ate at Kozmosz, which is located just along the street and down a few steps from the Vorosmarty street metro. My mum and I both ordered the Gyros plate - seasoned seitan, wholemeal pita, salad, couscous and tzatziki. It was so well seasoned and the tzatziki had plenty of garlic in, which personally I love! There were quite a few other menu options, which sounded really delicious too, all the other customers in the restaurant looked pretty satisfied with their meals, and if we had time I would've loved to go back and try some other options out too! 

Though mostly full, my mum and I fancied another ice cream, so we walked around the corner to the original Napfenyes location and got an ice cream cone to eat on the way back to the metro stop. We chose the zerbo flavour, which we were told was an ice cream version of a traditional Hungarian dessert; a layered 'cake' slice filled with walnuts, jam and coated in chocolate. It was really delicious and the perfect end to a wonderful day!