26 July 2013

Beautiful Inside and out.

Yes what you put in your body is very important but how you treat the outside of your body is important too. You have to feel beautiful inside and out, by treating your skin right. I was very happy to find out yesterday that my favourite face wash and body butter are both on special offer at the moment and if you are looking for good beauty products I would highly recommend buying while on discount as they can be expensive!

The first is strawberry body butter from +The Body Shop UK  which is only £6.50 at the moment down from £13, it makes you skin feel truly amazing (& smell amazing)and does last quite a long time.


The next is a grapefruit face wash and moisturizer which are on the offer '2 for £5' in +Boots UK  at the moment, my skin feels so fresh and clean after using and it really does keep it clear, definitely worth a purchase :)

The final thing, after taking care of your skin you want great hair too, I use the  miracle hair insurance leave-in conditioner by
 Aussie, it makes my hair really shiny and strong and also smells amazing too!

I'm not saying that you have to go out and buy these products in order to feel beautiful, but having a beauty routine and taking care of your skin is important. This will help you to feel much more confident and these are my personal recommendations on getting there! :) Cassidy xx