27 July 2013

Inspire yourself

It's summer at the moment which is why I decided to start this blog, there's nothing worse than sitting around doing nothing, nothing productive i mean. Last summer I decided to learn how to complete a Rubik's cube as we had to learn something new for psychology. Yes that may not seem productive but you get a huge sense of achievement from it and that is the main point.

If there is nothing you want to do to improve yourself then why not do something to help others, even if its just a small little gesture. With starting something new confidence is key as it can be easier to procrastinate your ideas. Just start small, for example if you want to start working out but don't have the confidence to be in front of people at the gym, just start with a few smaller workout exercises such as sit ups and jumping jacks that can be done at home, build your confidence up. Trust me, the first day of working towards your goal will seem hard and you might never want to go back, but the second time you try it will get easier and easier. The point I'm trying to make is that you want to be able to look back on summer and know that you did something that was meaningful and productive, nothing else will ever seem as hard then.

I recently came back from a trip to turkey and if I'm going to take anything out of that experience it would be the work ethic. Everyone there puts in 110% and never any less, if something is worth doing then it is worth overdoing! They all work together so well and ensure their family life does not suffer because of it, having a family meal together every night. It was inspiring to see how much effort was put into even simple tasks, because even the small things deserve to be done right.

So next time you have any spare time, think about your goals and dreams and at least start the journey to getting there, no matter how small of a step it may be, it is still a step in the right direction.

 Cassidy xx