13 August 2013

Fresh Fruit and Veg!

The cheapest way to get fresh fruit and veg is to get it straight from the farm. Most of you will probably have a 'pick your own' farm near enough to your house, I am fortunate enough that mine is only 10 minutes away! Anyway, it's so much fun picking which ingredients you are going to cook with (especially with friends &family) and they really do taste amazing, plus it is cheaper that the supermarket! I went picking yesterday and got all sorts of fruit/veg, even got some zucchini flowers! 
It may not always be practical, which is why they will have pre-picked ingredients there for you (slightly more expensive) but if you have the time then it is a really enjoyable thing to do and it is so great knowing exactly where your food comes from, what you are cooking with and that you are saving money at the same time! :). I will be posting recipes with these ingredients as the week goes on!

A full list of what I picked:
Red onion
Runner beans
Red currants
Black currants