26 August 2013


Been crazy busy over the past few days and I still have an essay to write so I will try and post when I can. As a swimmer it is important for me to train out of the pool as well as in so I thought I would make more of an effort to run (Was going to take my dog but her little legs weren't keen on running). Anyway I bought a pair of Nike Free 5.0+ and I absolutely love them, they are not on the cheap side but if you are looking for a new pair then they are worth every penny, so comfy! 

It can be hard to find motivation to run (I know that feeling) so I also purchased an armband case for my phone so I can listen to music while I'm exercising. Trust me; loud music makes everything better! I will also be posting some snacks and things that are great energy sources and are really yummy! Cassidy xx