10 March 2014

A Positive Attitude

As you've probably noticed I haven't been blogging much lately - and when I do it's a quick post of a recipe. I've been crazy busy with my A levels at the moment so I've been working really hard to find a good balance and unfortunately some things (like blogging) just didn't make it in to the hectic schedule. Although, I do update my instagram at least a few times a week and my twitter daily if you ever wonder what I'm up to and I tend to post pictures of the food I make there before it gets onto the blog. It's lent at the moment, so I have decided to give up being lazy to be more positive with my life. I have started running in the mornings (it's amazing being up to see the sunrise, even if wearing shorts when it's 6.30am and frosty outside does get you some interesting looks from the dog walkers) and I am also eating clean with as little 'processed' foods in my diet as possible. It's true that the more you do the more energy you have and I have really felt it this past week, I feel more awake and alert, especially in the mornings meaning that I've been able to get more school work done and am much more productive in lessons - so hopefully this will pay off! I have really felt more positive and optimistic lately and hopefully this reflects into all aspects of my life. I have also learnt that the key to a good day is good music, it allows you to focus and just cheers you up, so whether it be when you're exercising or simply while you're getting ready in the morning - put some music on top volume and just smile. I'll update next when I get a chance so until then check out my twitter and instagram for daily updates.
 Live, Laugh, Love - Cassidy xx